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About Us

 Designed in Greece


We design and create elegant, clean, lively designs using handcrafted fabric detailing and the finest quality cotton towels and bedlinen.  Our entire collection is exclusive and every item is meticulously hand stitched, adding a unique feel to what you’re getting. 



MARGOLIA stands for elegance, aesthetics and attention to detail. 
We believe every aspect of our lives needs our full attention, especially when it comes to the place we spend most of our time. Our experience in life is simply a sum of the daily activities we engage in, our immediate environment and the quality of those interactions.
We believe we owe it to ourselves to create something special out of every circumstance in our lives and we believe in choosing to spoil ourselves once in a while.


Our lives, our homes, our daily routines should all be a 5-star experience.

MARGOLIA started as a greek family business and has been created with a simple mission in mind: bring a touch of handcrafted quality and artistic flare to an industry that has been missing the attention it deserves. We are here to blend high end materials, with elegant designs that inspire luxury and individuality.

With meticulous, handcrafted details, exclusive and exquisite design, and the finest blends of cotton, Margolia introduces a true 5 star collection.

We are spending more than half of our lives in our houses, why not enjoy every last minute?

Founded in November 2013, MARGOLIA is a growing force in the Greek bedlinen industry, with plans on expanding rapidly into the European market. Our collection is exclusively available online throughout the world, and through a selection of physical retailers in Greece.

We recently upgraded and moved our warehouse and production line to Bulgaria, with the mission to keep quality at the maximum without having to raise our pricing. We strive to deliver unparalleled quality at a price level that is both affordable and competitive.

We believe that life at home is as important as our social life, and that we deserve to make every minute a little bit better.


Svoboda Blvd 5, Sandanski, 2800, Bulgaria
+30 2311 115035,
Xilis 67, Thessaloniki, Greece, 55132


The founders
Konstantinos Kartitsis, Sales and Marketing
Elisavet Kartitsi, Design and Production


See you inside,
the Margolia team